Dr. Michelle Byrne is a behavioural neuroscientist from Melbourne, Australia. She has recently completed a PhD by Research at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, The University of Melbourne, Australia. Her supervisors were crazy enough to let her combine the topics of clinical psychology and immunology for her project. Somehow she finished that project and still came out the other end interested in all things neuroscience, including how the brain can affect other biological systems, and how these biological systems and general health can affect the mind and behaviour.

The Daily Action Potential (TDAP) is a science news blog created in October 2012. While the main focus of TDAP is neuroscience and the mind-body connection, just as neurons are not the only types of cells that exhibit action potentials, so does TDAP occasionally highlight other newsworthy breakthroughs in the life sciences. TDAP is all about bringing science to the people!

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Not that kind of doctor.