Happy Friday: Neuroscience art

A friend of mine recently got a gift for her supervisor that was a beautiful painting of a hippocampus. So I was thinking how much other beautiful neuroscience-themed art there might be out there. Unfortunately there isn’t much that I can find, but I did come across the following artist, Greg Dunn Design, who does a number of stunning pieces that are brain-themed. Check out some of his best below (and if you like one, buy it from him! They are surprisingly affordable):

Pastels painting by Greg Dunn Design: http://www.gregadunn.com/

Painting of the hippocampus by Greg Dunn Design: http://www.gregadunn.com/


My personal favourite – a painting of the olfactory bulb! By Greg Dunn Design: http://www.gregadunn.com

If anyone knows of other amazing neuroscience-themed art out there, please post links in the comments.


One thought on “Happy Friday: Neuroscience art

  1. Visual Art…
    And let’s not forget neurological interpretive dance…
    Portraits of Mind: Visualizing the Brain from Antiquity to the 21st Century. by Carl Schoonover
    Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing. Margaret Livingstone, foreword by David Hubel
    Sensation and Perception. by E. Bruce Golstein

    And then there’s people with neurological conditions and their art…
    How about competitive brain art…

    And the connection between brain and art (this Includes Greg Dunn’s work)

    Thanks for sharing

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