Guilty pleasure: pandemics

I have a confession to make. I love pandemic fiction. Contagion… was awesome. My fingers hurt from popping orange bubbles in Plague Inc on my phone. I know there are more factual inaccuracies in The Hot Zone than in a book by James Frey, but I don’t care, it was a page-turner. I definitely got through Justin Cronin’s The Passage in under a week. I’ve seen every zombie movie / TV show that exists, including that one by George Romero where a zombie fights a shark underwater (does anyone know which one this is??).

Pandemics are sexy, right?Photo: © Makhnach | Stock Free Images

Pandemics are sexy, right?
Photo: © Makhnach | Stock Free Images

I suspect many other fellow scientists and science enthusiasts share my guilty pleasure, and that is why, on this Valentine’s Day, I am passing on this article by David Dobbs called “Pandemics Porn“. Yeah, he said it, and yeah, you know you want it: a list of books and other reading all about deadly viruses, bacteria and other plagues that may someday kill all of humanity. I was very pleased to see that I’ve only read a very small percentage of his list, which means I have a lot of procrastination to look forward to. Just as soon as I finish the rest of the current season of The Walking Dead.

In the meantime, does anyone have any tips on how to beat the Fungus level in Plague Inc.?


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