Post share: Evolution in Star Trek

So I’m aware that recently I have had a few posts deviating from the topic of “neuroscience” but… who cares. Because today I really wanted to dive into evolutionary biology so I could share this post with you: “The evolutionary biology of Star Trek” by Annalee Newitz.

The main reason I like the post is that she brings up “The Most Annoying Star Trek Episode Ever Written”, which is indeed the most annoying episode ever written! The episode concludes that all the various Star Trek species evolved from the same intelligent species, which, while not entirely impossible, seems highly unlikely. And what was all that nonsense about “seed codes”? I know I’m asking a lot for scientific integrity in a science fiction show, but I’m the kind of person that shits all over Star Wars because no society in their right mind would ever elect a 12-year-old to lead them (actually I have to give kudos to my partner for that one… I asked him “What’s the dumbest thing about Star Wars?”…. it took awhile to decide*).

However, Newitz continues with a really interesting discussion about human common ancestors, and makes some good analogies between our own evolution and the evolution proposed by Star Trek writers. A really good read, whether or not you are familiar with the field of evolutionary biology.

*Before I get any flames let me assure my readers that when I was 13 I actually wore out my VHS copy of The Empire Strikes Back. If you don’t know how a copy of a film could get worn out, then get off my page. You’re too young.


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