Tear-jerker: dolphins might try to save other dolphins from dying

Those of you that know me in person know that I am a sucker for animals and very sensitive to hearing about animals in pain or suffering.

So today I had to share this article on BBC news summarising a recent paper in Marine Mammal Science about dolphins (“Dolphins try to save dying companion“, Jan 28, 2013). It details a recorded case where several dolphins surrounded a dying dolphin to try and raise it to the surface and save it. Sadly, the injured/sick dolphin died.

This dolphin is actually a capo in the dolphin mafia.Photo: © Agno_agnus | Stock Free Images

This dolphin is actually a capo in the dolphin mafia.
Photo: © Agno_agnus | Stock Free Images

What was even more interesting about the BBC article is the sidebars that listed other articles about animals behaviour. Did you know that birds kinda hold funerals? Or that dolphin gangs exist? Or that giraffes may investigate their dead?

I think that by understanding animal behaviour, it can help us to understand our own behaviour, too. Just another reason why we should always try to take good care of all animal species.


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