Procrastinate Friday: watch this giant squid

This isn’t neuroscience-related but you totally have to see it anyway. Scientists have filmed footage of the giant squid in the depths of the ocean (its natural habitat) for the first time. This LA Times article has a couple of breathtaking photos of it, and you can see a really short video clip below (originally seen on Dot Earth):

Squids have neurons too, so I’m not completely going on a tangent. In fact, squid brains are fascinating and have been the source of much neuroscience research. Giant squid have pretty complicated nervous systems, and their vision is also quite amazing, with really big eyes that are positioned so that they don’t have a blind spot. Cephalopods, including squid and octopus, seem to have specialised sections of their brains for memory and learning, and you can read about this in a study showing that they may be able to be classically conditioned.

Photo of diver with camera

Photo: © Diver721 | Stock Free Images


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