Meditation Part 1

Meditation is a very old practice used for relaxation, focus, and enlightenment. Mindfulness meditation, in particular, is a Buddhist practice (but also recently gained interest in the field of psychology) with a focus on awareness.

This topic in terms of the mind-body connection is very broad and there have been lots of exciting results recently connecting it to health benefits, psychological well-being, and other interesting findings. So it is too difficult to share all of the exciting things I want to show you guys in just one post. For that reason, over the next couple of months I’ll have a series of posts about mindfulness meditation and the mind-body connection, and the psychological and health research that has recently come out regarding this practice. If there is anything about meditation that you are interested in or would like me to cover, please leave a comment.

I’ll start out by sharing this BBC Health documentary about meditation. Part 1 of 6 is below, but the whole thing is well worth watching. Everyone’s favourite dude, Richard Davidson, even makes a cameo!

Meditation Part 1  |  Meditation Part 2  |  Meditation Part 3  |  Meditation Part 4


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