Keep sharing and getting excited about science, my minions!

This article showed up on my Facebook feed last week, and while it isn’t directly related to neuroscience or psychology, I think scientists in these areas should always be aware of issues relating to how we convey our findings to the general public.

“In (Partial) Defense of Overzealous Scientists: A Reflection on Martian Disappointments” by Robert T. Gonzalez

I think it’s easy to dismiss the importance of this issue by saying that the majority of people are just not going to “get” science, and we should just give up on it. I say that those of us that can understand the importance of scientific findings need to do a better job of getting excited about them, talking about them, explaining them in a way that is easy to understand, and just being cheerleaders for science. The more we can fill up the internet and our daily lives with this kind of dialogue, the better. Share a science story today!


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