New drug for MS has already been used to treat leukaemia

You can be part of SCIENCE by helping fund medical research!
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Thought I’d share with you guys an interesting report on about a new drug to treat multiple sclerosis (MS): “Twenty-year-old drug ‘best yet’ for multiple sclerosis” by Andy Coghlan, 5 November 2012. Apparently the drug, alemtuzumab, has been around for some time as a treatment for leukaemia, but has just been tested in a couple of clinical trials and seems to work better than the current drug treatment for MS, as well. MS is an auto-immune disease where the body’s immune cells attack and destroy healthy brain tissue. Alemtuzumab works by targeting and destroying these problematic immune cells – and when they grow back they don’t appear to attack healthy cells any more.
As the daughter of an MS patient, I am pleased to see that researchers are continuing to make progress to find the best ways to treat this debilitating neurological disease. You can help them by making a small donation to the MS Society in Australia, the UK, or the USA (or google “MS Society”and your home country). Every little bit helps.

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