Gambling is an addiction like any other

Unlike pretty much everyone else in Melbourne yesterday (or at least those that don’t work for a university), I was at work instead of enjoying the day off for the Melbourne Cup horse race. My co-worker and I unenthusiastically slumped over to the front desk to place our $2 bet in the office sweep, only to find out that there was only one horse left to choose, so we split it and agreed to split the winnings. Our unwanted horse was Green Moon, which, after looking up his record online, didn’t seem promising. To our surprise, good old Green Moon pulled ahead from the middle of the pack at the last second and ended up winning by quite a bit. My co-worker and I then wallowed in our winnings of… $9.50 each.

To celebrate yesterday’s holiday I’ve decided to share with you this paper on the neural underpinnings of pathological gambling. It’s a few years old now but still worth a read. Enjoy!


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