Men are evil

It is past Halloween, so I apologise for continuing with the “horror movie” topic. But I came across a study while researching sources for yesterday’s post, and I couldn’t help bringing it to light.

This is an old study by Zillman and colleagues (1986) showing that men seem to enjoy a horror movie more if the lady they’re watching it with appears scared. Men, if this is true, you are psychopaths. The study involved male or female college students watching a section of Friday the 13th III with what they thought was another opposite-sex participant (when in reality, it was a “confederate”, another researcher). If the confederate was visibly distressed, men said they enjoyed the movie more. On the flip side, women enjoyed the film more if their partner appeared “mastering”, which I assume means acting all manly and tough. Unfortunately the study is so old that I don’t have immediate access to the full text, so it’s hard to check some of the details.

Maybe popcorn will make your date feel better. Like you care. Photo: © Yanc | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

I’m interested to know if there is any more recent research on this topic or if the study has been replicated – if anyone knows about this, feel free to comment. In the meantime, men, if you take your lady friend to a scary movie this weekend, try not to cry or wet your pants if you want her to have a good time.


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